Get cracking on your robot, fixture or gantry with this luxurious extruded Aluminium starter kit. You get tons of stuff, so you won't end up frustrated and missing a component. The pieces are also pre-cut so for many small projects you won't even need to get out your hacksaw. All extrusions are 15mm by 15mm square 

Comes with:

  • 4 pieces of 150mm long extrusion
  • 4 pieces of 120mm long extrusion
  • 4 pieces of 90mm long extrusion
  • 4 pieces of 60mm long extrusion
  • 4 pieces of 30mm long extrusion
  • 8 pieces of T bracket
  • 16 pieces of L bracket
  • 100 pack of nuts
  • 100 pack of bolts
  • 2mm hex key

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