KHR based on 17 servos (DOF) + 5 dummy servos
RCB-4 controls up to 35 serial servos
Offers longer battery life with its 10.8V-800mAh battery
Emulates human like movements: walks, does somersaults, climbs steps, does back flips, etc.

The Kondo Kagaku has released the brand new Kondo KHR-3HV Humanoid Robot Kit. The brand new KHR-3HV model has distinctive features of design, frame, servo interface and DOF.

The tall and extensible KHR has the base of 17 servos (DOF) + 5 dummy servos that allow for easy expansion up to 22 DOF. The 22 servos in place (17+5) assembling pattern make it the unique in the Humanoid Robot market. The new microcontroller board RCB-4 enables the controls up to 35 serial servos of KHR-3HV Humanoid Robot. It is compatible with ICS3.0 (serial) servo protocol and a wide range of options parts. The board also includes several extension ports (10x A/D and 10x PIO) which enable the use of a wide range of sensors and extension options. The KHR-3HV Humanoid Robot is the first Kondo servo to use ICS 3.0. The use of a serial protocol allows the connection of several servos in a Daisy chain. By connecting in a Daisy chain the number of cables is reduced and therefore prevents troubles regarding disconnection and improves cable routing.

The KHR-3HV Humanoid Robot operates on Heart to Heart software (upgraded version of 4). This upgraded version adds new motions and a new type of programming for KHR. The new software also includes 'project management' features for improved collaboration and performance in team competitions. The KHR-3HV Humanoid Robot is powered by nickel battery 10.8V-800mAh. The fast charger facility takes only one hour to complete charge. The use of materials such as aluminum, polycarbonate and ABS with incorporation of glass provides lighter and robust frame to KHR-3HV Humanoid Robot. The new design also help in retracting and stands up faster from a sitting posture. This innovation of trendy robot will bring significant change in robotic research and development.

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Kondo KHR-3HV Humanoid Robot Kit

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