The xylophone has eight notes, which are sounded by placing a finger onto the PCB, allowing a simple tune to be played. The conversion of key presses into the frequency of the note is done by a PIC micro-controller, pre-programmed with software for this application.

The student can mount the PCB, battery pack and speaker into a box they have designed to make a children's toy.

This kit contains:

1 x PP3 Clip Lead

1 x 3AA Battery Holder

1 x LM324 Op-Amp IC

1 x 14 Pin IC Holder

1 x PIC 12F675 (pre-programmed with xylophone code)

1 x 8 Pin IC Holder

1 x 3.3Kohm Resistor

8 x 4.7Mohm Resistors

1 x BC337 NPN Transistor

1 x 50mm 8ohm Speaker

0.5m connecting wire

1 x Xylophone PCB

Supplied in Tough Plastic box with internal dimensions of 95 x 60 x 70mm

PCB Dimensions: 93mm x 37.5mm.

Requires 3 x AA batteries, available separately.

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