This is the shield kit version of the Camera Axe. It plugs into an Arduino Uno (not included). While this shield version doesn't have a fancy case, it is a more economical version for the DIY people out there. Functionally it is just a full featured as the assembled Camera Axe and it uses the exact same software. You will need to load this Camera Axe software onto your Arduino Uno board. Here is the build guide with the parts list and build instructions. Read these instructions carefully to make sure you have the skills needed to build this kit before ordering. Soldering is required. 

Please note that when people put this kit together most of the time it will just work, but if it doesn't it is expected you have the electrical skills necessary to debug the problem. 

The Camera Axe is a tool for photographers to trigger cameras or flashes based signals from various sensors. It is useful for catching phenomena that happen too quickly for human reflexes, like photographing a popping balloon or a milk droplet splash. Other uses can be to catch things photographers don't want to wait around for like birds flying to a bird feeder or surveillance of people walking down a hallway. The possibilities are endless. 

When buying this device you will also probably want to buy at least one sensor and a camera/flash cable to make it work. This is just the core device. Here is a link to the User Manual. Visit for more information about the Camera Axe.

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