• DJI S1000 Premium Turnkey System
This S1000 UAV drone system is a turnkey package that includes all the essentials for getting your Canon 5D Mark II or Mark III DSLR camera airborne.
This system comes highly recommended for organizations seeking to product first class digital media and groups that require the ultimate in precision flight for aerial mapping and industrial inspection.
This system comes fully tuned, updated and calibrated so that flight operations can commence quickly with little need of assistance. 

Turnkey System Includes:
• DJI S1000 Premium Octocopter
• DJI A2 Advanced Flight Controller
• DJI iOSD Mark II Telemetry Overlay 
• Z15 Zenmuse Gimbal for 5D MII & MIII
• Futaba 14CH TX (Aircraft RC)
• Futaba 8CH TX (Gimbal RC)
• DJI 5.8GHz 500mW Video Downlink System
• 2 x FPVM7-ULTRA 7" HD Monitor w/Diversity RX
• 2 x Lithium Monitor Battery
• 2 x Transmitter Fast Mount
• 2 x 5.8GHz 11dB High Gain Antennas
• 2 x 10k Lithium Flight Batteries
• Four Port Flight Battery Charger

Many optional accessories and configuration exist for this S1000 drone system such as ground stations, flight controllers, gimbals, navigation lights and cameras. For details and to have one custom configured for you, please call the UAVDirect technical sales staff at 1-855-778-6363.


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DJI S1000 Premium Turnkey System

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