The ArduPilotMega IMU Shield features a large array of sensors needed for UAV and Robotics applications, including three axis angular rotation and acceleration sensors, an absolute pressure and temperature sensor, 16MBits data logger chip and more.

  •  -Dual 3.3V Regulator!!! (One dedicated for analog sensors!)
  • -Relay switch for cameras, lights or payloads (WOW!)
  • -12-bit ADC for better Gyro/Accel/AirSpeed resolution. (YEAH!)
  • -Built-in 16MB Data Logger (The Black Box).
  • -Piano DIP switch for servo reverse or user customizable.
  • -Built-in FTDI, making the board native USB.
  • -Dedicated Modem/OSD port.
  • -I2C Port with incoming "Daisy Chain board" allowing you to build sensor arrays.
  • -Two user-programmable buttons (one momentary, the other slide).
  • -10-Bit analog expansion ports.
  • -Reset button.
  • -Built-in voltage dividers to measure aircraft battery voltage, down to the individual cell. Includes 4 3.9k resistors that you can solder in to measure standard LiPo battery packs.
  • -Tons of Status LEDs.
  • -New vibration resistance Invensense Gyros (Triple Axis).
  • -Analog Devices ADX330 Accelerometer.
  • -AirSpeed sensor port (optional, sold separately).
  • -Absolute Bosch pressure sensor and temp for accurate altitude
  • (Yes you can use your shield as a Weather Logger too!).
  • -Weight (no pins): 0.5 oz; 13 g

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